Motoryoke Studio


The motoryoke is for moving headlights. Lamps up to a total weight of 80kg can be fitted. The PAN-moving range can be up to 370°. The speed is up to 6°/sec. The PAN and TILT axis are controlled by two DMX-channels (16-Bit). The yoke can control a Focus and a barndoor unit. A colour changer and/or dimmer-shutter or MagVader can be mounted in addition.
3 to 12 DMX-channels are required (depends on accessories and set up).

Further information in the manual and product information.

Chanel Description
2 PAN fine
4 TILT fine
5 Speed PAN and TILT
6 Focus module (opionally)
7 Motorized barndoor 1 (optionally)
8 Motorized barndoor 2 (optionally)
9 Motorized barndoor 3 (optionally)
10 Motorized barndoor 4 (optionally)
11 Motorized barndoor, rotation (optionally)

These are channels for start-address 1. It is possible to select a start address between 1 and 501. All other addresses follow to this first address. Example: Start-address is 32, the Focus-address is 38!

Document Download Version Date
Bedienungsanleitung (DE) Download PDF 2.31 26.02.2015
User Manual (EN) Download PDF 2.31 05.03.2015
Ausschreibungstexte (DE) Download PDF 26.06.2006
Tendering text (EN) Download PDF 05.07.2013
Information (DE/EN) Download PDF 30.03.2013