About us

Our products were designed on the base of customers motivation and ideas. Experiences in daily work at the customer and our rental department. Also today, new ideas from practical work are implemented in our devices.

The products are designed in 3D CAD software and manufactured with modern machines. For this purpose we use a computer controlled CNC-stamp machine, a 3D-CNC lathe and a CNC bending machine.

All devices are powder coated, this means they are extremly scratch resistant and do not reflect any light on the surface. After powder coating, the devices are assembled and must stand a 24 hour test run.

We are very flexible because of the own development department and can help the customers with special wishes and ideas.

Do not worry to contact us if you have any questions:


Uwe Hagenbach

Managing director, Gaffer

Bernhard Grill

Managing director, Gaffer


All 2 years the munich film trade fair “CINEC” awards the most innovative inventions an improvements in different categories. Up to now we could receive 4 times the lighting award and one time the special award.