Dimmer-Shutter DarkVader

The mechanical dimmer shutter DarkVader is an easy to use, high precision dimmer for daylight HMI lamps. The exact control provides a jerking free fading. The programming possibilities are indicated in plain text in a LCD display.  Another feature is a real time drive.  High resoluion sensors provide exact, synchornous moves with a couple of devices. The light linearization  adapts the brightness to the DMX value. This means 5% DMX adequates 5% brightness. Because of the special blades, the dimmer is absolutely light-proof when closed. A 16-Bit mode provides a high resolution drive. 65536 steps with two DMX-channels for the position are possible in this mode. This is a resolution of 0,0014°!

The extreme speed proveds light flashes of 0,2s. On the other hand, fade overs up to 2 hours are possible.

1 or 2 DMX-channels are used (depends on operating mode).

The devices can be ordered as SE (single ended) or DE (double ended) version (depends on bulb-position).


Further information in the manual and product information.

TypeWeightDimension (L x W x D)DiameterAdjustable holders
SH-SE-2505,5 kg515 x 370 x 90 mm250 mm250 mm230 mm315 mm
SH-SE-3006,5 kg510 x 440 x 90 mm300 mm300 mm285 mm365 mm
SH-SE-3507,0 kg615 x 465 x 95 mm350 mm350 mm330 mm415 mm
SH-SE-4309,0 kg670 x 570 x 120 mm430 mm430 mm390 mm470 mm
SH-DE-2506,0 kg495 x 390 x 90 mm250 mm250 mm230 mm315 mm
SH-DE-3007,0 kg510 x 490 x 90 mm300 mm300 mm285 mm365 mm
SH-DE-3507,0 kg560 x 540 x 90 mm350 mm350 mm330 mm415 mm
SH-DE-4308,0 kg680 x 540 x 120 mm430 mm430 mm390 mm470 mm
SH-DE-5009,5 kg770 x 630 x 120 mm500 mm500 mm460 mm540 mm
SH-DE-63013,5 kg880 x 750 x 120 mm630 mm630 mm590 mm670 mm
SH-DE-70017,6 kg855 x 960 x 70 mm700 mm700 mm
Information (DE/EN)Download PDF30.03.2005
Bedienungsanleitung (DE)Download PDF1.0804.07.2019
User Manual (EN)Download PDF1.0704.07.2019
User Manual Shutter + power supply (EN)Download PDF1.0104.07.2019
Ausschreibungstexte (DE)Download PDF
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