DMX panels

The small Licht-Technik DMX-panels are well suited for workshop, on the set or whereever a small DMX desk is needed. The panels work with the USITT DMX512-1990 standard.

Mix 4-6

The small Licht-Technik DMX panels are well suited for maintenance, testing at the film-set or wherever a small DMX-panel is needed. The devices comply the DMX512-1990 standard. With the Mix4-6 4 motoryokes can be controlled via the joystick. The 6 faders are for free use. The outputs are a 5pin XLR (DMX only) and a 4pin DataPower (DMX & 24V DC).
The Mix02 is for mechanical dimmers on the set (also Bag-o-Light dimming!) or for follow spot operators in theatre-and opera houses.

LT Follow

The LT Follow can control a dimmer-shutter and/or a color changer. It has a built in power supply to provide the connected devices. The shutter is controlled by the fader, the color changer with the forward and backward button. With the extern switch, the device can receive a master value for the brightness.
See also projects.

LT Pilot

The new LT-Pilot is available! Now the housing is splashproof, smaller, more convenient and less in weight.

The LTPilot can control wireless up to 4 motoryokes inclusive focus-unit and dimmer. The maximum distance between transmitter and receiver can be up to 250m (820 ft). The radio link works with the ISM band (434 MHz) and 10mW radio power output. The dimmer can be controlled with the OPEN/CLOSE keys and in addition with a FLASH and a BLACKOUT button. For fine positioning of the yokes a FINE key implemented to move the yoke slower. The transmitter can be switched off after setting up the devices to save battery power. When switching on again, the position of the devices does not change.
The kit is coming in a neatly arranged case with a second accu pack, charger, fastening spigot and power supply for the receiver.
It is licensed in the european union.


The Mix02 is for dimming mechanically on the set or as dimmer control for follow spots in opera or theatre. It has two DMX channels controlled by the fader and the knob.

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