Motoryoke BigBee


A general purpose, universal motorized stirrup. It is flexible in width from 0,3m (12”) up to 1.00m (39”) and can have a payload up to 100kg (220 lbs). The mounting of the lamphead is quick, easy and selfexplaining.

The device can be controlled via a standard DMX desk or with Licht-Technik products like the vision control of the Click-and-move system or the wireless LT-Pilot.

The moving range is up to 320° (pan) and 180° (Tilt), the speed is up to 5°/sec (Pan) and 1,5°/sec. (Tilt). The device can control an optional focus drive. Another options are colour changer and/or mechanical dimmer shutter or MagVader. The control of pan and tilt requires two DMX channels (higher resolution and accuracy with 16 Bit). The minimum number of channels is 3, the maximum 12 (depends on accessories and operating mode).

Further information in the manual and product information.

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Mounting of the lampholder

Attaching the device

Locking with locking pins, ready to work

2PAN fine
4TILT fine
5Speed PAN and TILT
6Focus module (opionally)
7Motorized barndoor 1 (optionally)
8Motorized barndoor 2 (optionally)
9Motorized barndoor 3 (optionally)
10Motorized barndoor 4 (optionally)
11Motorized barndoor, rotation (optionally)

These are channels for start-address 1. It is possible to select a start address between 1 and 501. All other addresses follow to this first address. Example: Start-address is 32, the Focus-address is 38!

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