Power supplies

The power supplies, PS154 (360W), and PS254 (600W) with integrated DMX-splitbox can be offered with optionally fastening spigot. In addition a 19” rack version is possible (PS252). The devices can be connected via the four 4pin DataPower outputs. Two more 5pin DMX outputs provide a daisy chain connection possibility for further power supplies. One 5pin output delivers DMX also with no mains power in. The fan is nearly noiseless and temperature controlled. The PS253 is the fanless version of PS254.

All power supplies have 28V DC output. The mains voltage is 93V-132V AC or 187V-264V AC.

Further information in the manual and product information.

For using the Netspider system, a netspider-board must be integrated. The difference is a additional Ethernet connector instead of one 5pin DMX-output

The user must always take care on the totol power consumption per power supply. On every device, the dissipated power is indicated. The total power sum of all devices must not exceed the power of a power supply!

Maximum number of devices per power supply (example). The type of devices can be mixed!

DeviceCurrentMMax devices PS154 (15A)Max devices PS254 (25A)
TotalPer outputTotalPer output
Color scroller1,2 A124205
Dimmer-Shutter1,2 A124205
MagVader2,5 A62103
Motoryoke4,0 A3151