Motoryoke Onearm


The motoryoke is for moving headlights. Lamps up to a total weight of 23kg can be fitted. The PAN-moving range can be up to 370°. The speed is up to 10°/sec. The PAN and TILT axis are are controlled by two DMX-channels (16-Bit). The yoke can control a Focus unit. A colour changer and/or dimmer-shutter or MagVader can be mounted in addition. Also the motorized barndoor is possible.
3 to max 7 DMX-channels are required (depends on accessories and set up).

Further information in the manual and product information.

Channel Description
2 PAN fine
4 TILT fine
5 Speed PAN and TILT
6 Focus module (opionally)

These are channels for start-address 1. It is possible to select a start address between 1 and 507. All other addresses follow to this first address. Example: Start-address is 32, the Focus-address is 37!