Shutter SH Event

The Shutter Event comes with a encoder motor which enables a very smooth movement by hand or DMX desk.
Of course, the normal Licht-Technik features like lightened LCD display with plain text instructions, high density aluminium construction and powder coated surface are still implemented.
The device can be ordered in different colors, for example silver, so it fits to the lamp.
Optionally, we can offer a built in power supply.

1 or 2 DMX-channels are used (depends on operating mode).

The device is designed for dimming daylight on stage, event and trade fair.

Further information in the manual and product information.

TypeWeightDimensions (L x W x D)Diameter
SH – 180 SE072,3 kg320 x 295 x 45 mm200 mm180 mm
SH -180 SE 082,6 kg365 x 295 x 45 mm200 mm180 mm
SH – 250 SE 024,1kg405 x 385 x 60 mm260 mm250 mm
Product Info (DE/EN)23.03.2005
Bedienungsanleitung (DE)2.0418.10.2017
User Manual (EN)2.0418.10.2017