The Bag-o-Light is a revolutionary Light-diffusor, which makes the light very soft and shodow-free. It is well suited for car-shots and fill light on the film set. The idea is simple and brillant: An air filled (compressor) white bag is mounted in front of a regular PAR-headlight. When it is blown up it keeps the air for a few hours (no noise).

The light is shining into the bag. On the front is a mirror so that the light is reflected. It is absolutely noise-less and the colour temperature is not affected. It works with PAR lights and spot lense. When a dimmer shutter is mounted the light is also dimmable!

    • The Bag-o-Light Turn is only for rent. But we can offer a long term lease. When you are interested in a long term lease  contact us.


    • The small Mini Bag-o-Lights are filled with a regular bicycle pump. These systems are well suited for use in cars and close places.


    • The system is also for Photography useful. Here we can offer also systems for Bron-PAR and Bron flash light.

The new version, Bag-o-Light Turn, can now be rotated in the long axis. Therefore it is possible to get BlackCovers in the right direction. Also seams can be turned off view. Now there is no need to check fine alignment during bag assembling. Furthermore, the pressure control can be removed to get a better view to pressure indicator and get it away from heat.

The mini Bag-o-Light is a Light-diffusor for small lamps up to 400W. It is operated without compressor, it filled by a regular bicycle pump and is absolutely noiseless. At the front is mirror that reflects the light. As accessories a black cover is available. An addtitional fixture is not necessary. Very suitable for cars and close places.

Further information in the manual and product information.

LampTypPowerLength 1Length 2Length 3Length 4DiameterLength 4Special sizes
ARRIPAR2,5/4 kW3m6m10m12m44cmSoftglobe2m/5m/14m
ARRIPAR12 kW6m62cm
ARRIPAR18 kW28m75cm
MitronicPAR1,2 kW2m35cm
LTMPAR6/12 kW6m9m12m55cm20m
DesistiPAR4 kW3m6m12mAdapterring
DesistiPAR6 kW6m9m12mAdapterring

The 6kW ARRI-system also fits on the LTM 6/12kW PAR or Desisti PAR 6kW!

For the 2,5/4 kW PAR system and a 3m back we recommend the 2,5 kW lamp.
For the 2,5/4kW system with 3m back is also a fresnel lense possible!

The systems can be adapted to all PAR lamps!
Except the described lamp types, fresnel lenses are not possible!

ProductFits on SystemRemarks
Black Coverall
CTO glasses 1/1  1/2  1/42,5/4 kW, 6kW6kW with adapter-ring
Heavy duty yoke4kW / 6 kW
Light-proof rings between lamp and base2,5/4 kW, 6 kW, 12 kW
LampTypeDiameterLength 1Length 2Length 3Length 4
ARRIPocket Par 125 W950 cm100 cmSoftglobe
ARRIPocket Par 400 W1660 cm120 cm200 cmSoftglobe
Dedo WeigertDedoPAR 400 W1660 cm120 cm200 cmSoftglobe
KoboldPAR 400 W1660 cm120 cm200 cmSoftglobe
ProduktPasst für SystemBemerkung
Black Coverall
Produkt Infos (DE/EN)30.03.2005