Color changer MagMax

The color changer MagMax is a versatile, easy to use cartridge color changer. Because of the cartridge system it possible to change quick and easy the color string. The frame positions are autimatically scanned after inserting the cartridge. This is realized by aluminium markers, which are moving through a light sensor. With this technique frame positions can be corrected during operation, when the string is expanding because of the heat.
The programming possibilities are indicated in plain text on the LCD display. Further features are a dark color mode and a real time drive for fade overs. High resoluion sensors provide exact, synchronous moves like horizontal fades with a couple of devices.
1, 2 or 3 DMX-channels are used (depends on operating mode).

Further information in the manual and product information.

ModelMax ColorsMin. time scrollingWeightDimensions (LxWxD)Diameter
MM-MkII-2001 – 20<3s4,8 kg430 x 337 x 074 mm220 mm200 mm
MM-MkII-2501 – 20<3s5,0 kg470 x 430 x 075 mm260 mm250 mm
MM-MkII-3001 – 20<3s7,5 kg515 x 526 x 088 mm300 mm300 mm
MM-MkII-3501 – 18<4s8,9 kg570 x 775 x 088 mm350 mm350 mm
MM-MkII-4301 – 16<4s10,2 kg633 x 634 x 088 mm430 mm430 mm
MM-MkII-8-Lite1 – 14<4s11,2 kg910 x 610 x 100 mm430  x 680 mm430 x 680 mm
MM-MkII-5001 – 14<4s10,0 kg710 x 680 x 100 mm500 mm500 mm
MM-MkII-500-XL1 – 12<4s13,5 kg915 x 690 x 100 mm525 x 680 mm500 x 680 mm
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