SH-80 / SH-82

The Shutter80 and Shutter82 are mechanical dimmers for follow spots. Because of the special blades the light spot is dimmed shadow-free over the entire surface. This means the dimming is not from the outside to the inside but the whole spot is dimmed. The software comes from the regular dimmer shutter DarkVader and enables a jerking-free fade over.
1 or 2 DMX-channels are used (depends on operating mode).

Further information in the manual and product information.

TypeWeightDimensions (H x W x D)DiameterAdj. holders
SH-80-012,5 kg299 x 232 x 135 mm80 mm80 mm104 + 80,5/24 mm
SH-80-022,6 kg350 x 232 x 135 mm80 mm80 mm155 + 80,5/24 mm
SH-80-042,5 kg325 x 232 x 135 mm80 mm80 mm130 + 80,5/24 mm
SH821,8 kg300 x 290 x 85 (30mm beim Lichtdurchtritt)80 mm80 mm